Rent Boat in Evia from 30€/hour- min charge 2 hours

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Ενοικίαση Σκαφών στην Εύβοια

Low Charges

We offer you the best rates on the rental boat rental market.

Full Extra

Our boats are delivered in excellent condition with bowling equipment and fuel.

Pickup and delivery

We are at your disposal all day, 7 days a week, for the delivery and receipt of the boat.

Point of Rental

The pick up and delivery of the boats is at our point of rental in Eretria.

Rental of pleasure boats in Chalkis – Eretria

Ενοικίαση Σκαφών στην Εύβοια BikeI
Aggelos II

From 600€/Day

Type: Fising Cruise 8m


8 -10 Persons


Engine four stroke: 300 HP


Equipment: Full Extra

Ενοικίαση Σκαφών στην Εύβοια Bike II
Bike I

1. Excursion Package duration 3 hours to 380 €

2. Excursion Package duration 1.50 hours to 200 €

Type: Open Sea 6,10m


8 - 9 Persons

Engine four stroke: 150 HP Yamaha


Equipment: Full Extra


Skipper: Always!

Excursion package: Yes

Ενοικίαση Σκαφών στην Εύβοια Bike III
Bike II

30 € / Hour + Fuel – Minimum rental time 2 hours

Type: Fising Boat 4.5m


6 Persons


Engine four stroke: 25 HP Yamaha


Equipment: Full Extra


Skipper: Yes If no have epiriance with boat


We have long-term experience in sea and pleasure boats


Special rates for clients of Associated Hotels - Tourist Offices.


Our boats are carefully selected for recreation and meet high standards.


We know all the fishing spots in Eretria and the surrounding areas.

All of our boats are fully equipped with instruments and accessories.


Possibility of organizing a trip with a professional Skipper.


Rent a boat in Evia quickly and easily!

For Professionals

We provide special rates for Hotels.

Phone Book

Call us 24/7 for your reservation.

Online Reservation

Book a few clicks from your computer or mobile phone.

Rent boat in Evia for Kitesurfing

The services we provide are the transfer of Kitesurfing athletes to a special spot for enjoying the sport, which is only accessible by boat.

Other Services

Fishing in the surrounding area
We organize fishing excursions, fishing on the surrounding area, with our professional partner, who will show you points.
Fishing in the famous fishing spots of Evia

We are now the fishing spots in the whole of Eretria and we organize successful trips with a tour of the islets of Eretria, combination with fishing and swimming.

Excursion to the islets of Eretria

We organize day trips or half day trip to the islands of Eretria (Agia Triada, Aspronisi) for swimming and BRBQ.

Points to must visit in Evia

Straits of Euripus

The bridge of Chalkis on the Strait of Evripos with 2,500 years of history is the most lively and hub of the city of Chalkida.

Archaeological Museum of Eretria

The Museum of Eretria is one of the most important archaeological museums in Greece, where findings from various eras are presented.

Karababa Fortress

Ottoman castle of the 17th century on the “mainland” side of the city which together with the ruined castle of Chalkis made the town impenetrable.

Chiliadou is the most spectacular beach of Evia

It is located in central Evia, overlooks the sea and extends to a large extent. Of course, for Chiliadou, the era of “innocence” has passed, when few people knew it and arrived there with difficulty, as there was no way

Rental Point

Hotel Avantis

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